Pipes fabrication Services Kakinada | Visakhapatnam Port

  • SVM has established itself as a leader in regards to pipe fabrications. Fabricating pipes ranging from 650mm T-seawater pipes to highly complex 50mm pipes is something SVM is quite accustomed to any length, Any volume, any schedule. Examine the listing of schedules and sizes for your application. Steel plain end or grooved. Any way you cut it, SVM can save your time and money. Why? We have piping inventories. We have the equipment and technicians to fabricate your order with speed and precision.

  • The quality of our work is shown through in the fact that all foremen and leadman who are in charge og work in the field or at our facilities are familiar with standards and procedures.


Metal Fabrication Services Kakinada | Visakhapatnam Port

  • SVM is able to offer its clients full metal fabrication capabilities. Regardless of the scope or scale of the project SVM can fabricate or recondition almost any part.

  • Our full line of welding equipment allows for 10 welders working simultaneously. Allowing projects such as the big projects to be fabricated quickly without sacrificing quality.


Hydraulics Services Kakinada | Visakhapatnam Port

  • Hatch cylinder seal changing.

  • All types of grabes hydraulic repairs.

  • Grab Repairs.